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Winnipeg Wheel Alignment: Improve Tire Life, Handling & Fuel Mileage

Wheel alignment is a standard part of auto maintenance. We’ll adjust the angle of your wheels, thereby keeping them consistent with the manufacturer’s specifications. This will reduce tire wear over time and will keep a vehicle running straight without pulling to one side. It’s also possible to align a car to specific handling needs, but we typically follow standard manufacturer specifications.

Signs That Your Car Needs Wheel Alignment
Is it time for a wheel alignment? There are numerous signs to look out for that indicate it may be time to come to Erickson Motors for a wheel alignment:

  • Tires are unevenly worn

  • Vehicle pulls to one side

  • Squealing tires on turns

  • Steering wheel is off-centre when driving straight


Getting your tires aligned can improve tire life, offer better handling and improve your fuel mileage. With our John Bean Visualiner machine, we can provide precise wheel alignment. This service costs $109.95, and there may be an extra service charge if shims are required. Call us today to book your appointment and benefit from the expertise of our experienced team.

Expert Auto Team

We’ve got over 50 years of experience in car repairs and maintenance

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