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Automatic Transmission Fluid Service in Winnipeg

In order to ensure the maximum life of your car’s transmission, come to Erickson Motors in Winnipeg. We can change your transmission fluid and keep your vehicle in full working order. Our automatic transmission service is recommended every 50,000 km or every 2 years. City driving tends to be harder on your transmission fluid than highway driving, so your driving habits may change the frequency with which you need to get transmission service.

Transmission Fluid Flush to Increase Your Transmission’s Lifespan

Our automatic transmission flush costs $99.95 (plus fluid). This is an important maintenance service to ensure that your transmission fluid remains clean and retains the antifriction properties required by today’s electronically operated transmissions. Your transmission will last longer and perform better, and this can prevent the need for an expensive rebuild down the line.

For automatic transmission service and much more, call Erickson Motors. We’ll save you money by making your car last longer.

automatic transmission flush

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